What We Do

With, collectively, over 70 years experience in the Drug Discovery environment we are confident our team can fulfil your needs for any part of the Gene to Structure process.

We tailor our professional services to fit your requirements, whatever stage of the process you are at.

From construct design, through to expression and purification of your desired protein. Whatever your end use, assay, high throughput screening, biophysics or crystallisation and X-ray structure determination, we can supply your protein in a suitable format.

For NMR experiments, we can produce isotopically labelled proteins e.g. 15N and 13C. For de novo structure solution we are equipped to produce SeMet labelled protein.

Peak Proteins’ Services

Image kindly supplied by Oxford Expression Technologies

Protein Expression and Production

We are able to model and engineer a target protein using a variety of software and bioinformatic packages in order to maximise success for a range of different final uses such as screening, different types of structural biology, biophysics and in vivo studies.

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X-ray crystallography can reveal details of protein-ligand interactions at the molecular level. We have the facilities and knowledge to crystallise your chosen protein and solve the structure if desired.

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Skilled management of multiple projects ensures a careful balancing of rapid quick turn-around pieces with long-term involvement.

As a team

  • we are accountable for delivery
  • we offer innovative solutions to drive project progression
  • we apply collaborative problem solving
  • we have experience of multiple classes of protein for a wide range of end uses

It is our aim

To keep you informed of the progress at all stages of the project. A central project contact will initiate a start-up meeting, supply regular updates and co-ordinate meetings to discuss progress. Most importantly, we want you to consider us approachable and available to discuss progress, hurdles and any questions at any time, along the way.

The team at a glance

Mark Abbott PhD
Mark Abbott PhD Protein expression and purification specialist
Ian Hampton
Ian Hampton Expert in recombinant protein expression
Tina Howard PhD
Tina Howard PhD Protein crystallisation specialist
Derek Ogg PhD
Derek Ogg PhDProtein crystallography expert
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Latest News from Peak Proteins

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FEN1-inhibitor co-crystal structure published

August 17th, 2016|Comments Off on FEN1-inhibitor co-crystal structure published

Mark Abbott has recently co-authored a paper in Nature Chemical Biology  as part of a collaboration between AstraZeneca, University of Sheffield and Pelago BioSciences. The publication describes the co-crystal structure of […]

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Sygnature Discovery’s group invests in Peak Proteins

January 27th, 2016|Comments Off on Sygnature Discovery’s group invests in Peak Proteins

Nottingham, UK and Alderley Park, UK – 25th January 2016 – Sygnature Discovery, the UK’s largest independent provider of integrated drug discovery resource and expertise has invested, through its parent […]

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Summer of Publications

September 8th, 2015|Comments Off on Summer of Publications

Mark’s cutting edge approach to optimising protein expression has been highlighted in a recent paper on transient expression of heterologous proteins in mammalian systems. This  is just one of our […]