Dr Derek Ogg and Dr Hazel Weir are attending the 3rd Scientific Meeting of Accelerating Cancer Drug Discovery Through Structural Biology at the Francis Crick Institute in London on March 16th.  The free, one-day meeting is open to anyone with an interest in the use of structural biology and fragment-based hit screening to accelerate drug discovery in oncology and beyond.

Cancer Research UK has funded 14 teams through the Accelerator Award, providing £60 million in investment over 3 funding rounds. One team is the CNAA, the Leicester CR-UK Centre Network Accelerator Award, awarded in 2015 to accelerate cancer structure-based drug discovery (SBDD).

The CNAA is led by Professors Mark Carr and Richard Bayliss from the University of Leicester.  The team is made up of a network of collaborating organisations including the University of Newcastle, the Beatson Institute, Glasgow, the Manchester Institute and Queen’s University Belfast.

Many new targets are not thought to be accessible to drug development by conventional strategies. SBDD together with protein expression and purification for biophysical and biochemical assays can help to address some of the challenges.

“This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet with leaders in the field of structural biology and to showcase Peak Proteins capabilities in structural determination”, commented Hazel.