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Customer Interview with Dr Ben Bax

May 27th, 2020|Company News|

Dr Ben Bax first approached Peak Proteins in 2019 for support in expressing glutamate receptors for structural determination.  Dr Hazel Weir recently caught up with him by Zoom to discuss the project. Ben is a Reader in Structural Biology at [...]

Peak Proteins Welcomes Richard Mott

April 28th, 2020|Company News|

Peak Proteins welcomes Richard Mott who joins us as a Business Development Associate working with our Head of Scientific Business Development, Dr Hazel Weir. Richard has worked in the world of protein science for many years and already knows some [...]

Medicines Discovery Catapult, Retrogenix and Peak Proteins Collaborate to Identify Target Receptors for COVID-19

April 27th, 2020|Company News|

Medicines Discovery Catapult, Retrogenix and Peak Proteins announce a collaboration to advance understanding of the cellular mechanisms of infection by COVID-19. This collaboration aims to combine excellence in drug discovery and protein science with innovative cellular microarray technology to uncover any unknown cellular [...]

COVID-19 Update

March 25th, 2020|Company News|

Peak Proteins main priorities are always the health and well-being of our staff and their families.  We wanted to update our clients, partners and colleagues and let them know that we are working hard to continue to deliver our services [...]

Time for an Upgrade

January 27th, 2020|Company News|

“We have always used SPT Labtech* equipment, but it was time for an upgrade. We were very pleased to receive the new SPT Mosquito Xtal3 and a new Dragonfly Crystal for Christmas!”, commented Dr Tina Howard, Head of Protein Crystallisation [...]

Peak Proteins Welcomes Liz Flavell

January 23rd, 2020|Company News|

Peak Proteins welcomes Liz Flavell who joins us as a Protein Purification Specialist. Liz gained her B.Sc. in Biology from the University of York before going on to work at a public health virology laboratory.  Liz later worked as a [...]