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We are able to model and engineer a target protein using a variety of software and bioinformatic packages. This allows us to maximise success for a range of different final uses such as screening, structural biology, biophysics and in vivo studies.

This can include constructs of different lengths containing different domains, point mutations, a range of tags and, often, chimeras. Every protein and end use is different, requiring a tailored approach to ensure as far as possible, stability, ease of expression, purification and suitability for a particular methodology.

We can express your protein in E. coli, baculovirus/insect cells and mammalian cells.

Using our wealth of experience, we manipulate the standard T7 based expression vector systems in E.coli to maximise soluble expression. Where necessary we are able to refold from E.coli derived inclusion bodies. Our strong publication record in this area demonstrates this with both cytokines and proteases.

Of course, E.coli is not suitable for many proteins. We also use the baculovirus/insect cell system, working with the flashBACTM technology from Oxford Expression Technologies. This uses recombinant virus generated very simply with a single co-transfection of two plasmids directly into insect cells. Again, this builds on substantial experience working with different insect cell expression systems.

Thirdly, we are able to express proteins in mammalian systems using transient transfection of suspension HEK293 cells. Once again, significant publications demonstrate our experience with these types of systems.

We are able to express protein complexes and can work at scales from a few millilitres to screen constructs, up to more than 20L to generate larger quantities. More important than the size of culture is the ability to trouble-shoot expression and purification problems. There is no single fix. We would look at our own data, compare to the literature and examine any bioinformatics information that is available. The problem might require alternative constructs or fusion proteins or expression systems or modifications to the way the cells are cultured or modifications to the way the protein is purified.

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