Evie Rejnowicz joined us for a 4-month internship coordinated by the Medical Research Council DiMeN Doctoral Training Partnership in late November and was due to leave us at the end of March.  She decided 23rd of March would be her last day with us because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Working alongside Dr Steve Harborne, they carried out some exciting work with GPCRs and SMALPs.  You can read their blogs “GPCRs: ‘you’ve gotta know how to hold them, you’ve gotta know how to fold them!’” and “Does My Protein Look Big In This: Comparisons Between Detergent Solubilised and ‘SMALPed’ GPCRs” (to be published in May).

Also, listen to the talk Steve initially gave online at the International SMALP Conference in March “Comparisons Between Detergent Solubilised and SMALPed GPCRs Part 1: Introduction and Methods”.  (Part 2: Results will be published in May).

Steve commented, “Evie was already technically able in the lab before joining us, and she was always enthusiastic to learn something new. She was quick to learn the new membrane protein techniques she used at Peak Proteins. A favourite catch phrase of Evie’s was: ‘Let do this!’”.

Steve added, “You didn’t have to ask Evie to do something twice – sometimes she’d already finished an experiment before I’d asked her to do it!”.

Evie has returned to the University of Leeds where she will finish her PhD later this year.  Evie remarked, “I would like to say to all of you at Peak Proteins a massive ‘thank you’ and assure you that I have never worked with such an amazing, funny, welcoming and competent bunch of crazy scientists! The last 4 months have been an incredible learning experience, and incredible fun and it is thanks to all of you!”.

We will miss Evie.  And we are sad we weren’t able to give her a proper send off.  You never know what the future might bring, though.  Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon.  We wish Evie all the best for the future – keep safe and well and “Au Revoir”.