“We were all set for a move into additional space in a ground floor suite in Block 21 of Alderley Park, at the end of April.  The second Lighthouse Laboratory in the UK was located at Alderley Park, Cheshire and opened on the 20th of April.  The Lighthouse Lab is testing thousands of patient samples each day for coronavirus and is located on the ground floor of Block 21,” explained Tina Howard, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Protein Crystallisation.

Our employees and their families have always been the priority for Peak Proteins during this time.  We have remained operational by enabling employees to work at home whenever possible, by working shifts and maintaining social distancing.

Supplying tailored proteins has meant that our services are increasingly in demand.  Scientific research to gain a better understanding of the virus has accelerated as finding ways of managing the impact of the disease continues.

“We definitely needed more laboratory and office space before the pandemic.  With social distancing we need it even more,” commented Tina.

“Alderley Park were extremely helpful and suggested we moved into alternative laboratory and office space quite close to our existing facilities. Unfortunately, the laboratory was not able to cope with the heat output of all our equipment,” Tina continued. “Again, Alderley Park was very accommodating and managed to find us a temporary laboratory while modifications to the air conditioning system are being completed.  The laboratory just needed two custom-made chiller cabinets which arrived, in the nick of time, and we were able to move in and be fully functional in the laboratory by the middle of May.”

“It is just a temporary home, but we’ve worked hard to sort out workstations and workflow.  There is plenty of laboratory space for everyone to work in that needs to.  Office staff are still working from home, of course, and the lab scientists write up at home too.”

Tina added, “It is a difficult time for everyone.  This move allows us to continue to provide an essential service to the drug discovery industry and maintain the extra safety measures needed during this pandemic”.