Peak Proteins welcomes Liz Flavell who joins us as a Protein Purification Specialist.

Liz gained her B.Sc. in Biology from the University of York before going on to work at a public health virology laboratory.  Liz later worked as a research assistant at both the University of York and the University of Oxford, the latter working with Professor Neil Barclay at the MRC Cellular Immunology Unit in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.

Liz joined AstraZeneca in 2001, working with Mark Abbott initially. As part of the Protein Engineering Group, Liz designed constructs, expressed and purified proteins for crystallisation and structural determination.  Liz later worked in the Protein Science Group producing proteins for high throughput assays and biophysical analysis, as well as taking a secondment in the regulatory affairs group at AstraZeneca.

Liz has worked on numerous projects in various therapeutic areas including immunology, oncology and respiratory.  Areas of research have included a tyrosine kinase inhibitor targeting lung cancer, understanding some potent and selective bivalent inhibitors of BET bromodomains and producing labelled proteins for NMR analysis.

Liz added “Having worked with a number of the Peak Proteins’ team in the past, I have watched as the business has grown rapidly.  Joining Peak Proteins is a great opportunity to use my skills and experience and I am excited to become part of such a success story”.