Peak Proteins is delighted to welcome Roisin Cassidy to the team.  Roisin graduated with a MSci from The University of Manchester in summer this year.

Roisin completed an integrated master’s degree in Biochemistry.  During her research project she investigated the ubiquitin binding capacity of an ESCRT protein UBAP1, important for EGFR trafficking at the endosome.

Originally from Leeds, Roisin also carried out a British Society for Cell Biology funded summer project at the University of Leeds looking at the role of the motor protein Myosin 1e in the metastasis of prostate cancer.

A keen football fan, Roisin has played football with Leeds City during the summer months and is a supporter of Leeds United, patiently waiting for their return to the Premier League.

Roisin applied for the job vacancy through the Manchester Graduate Talent after Peak Proteins advertised the vacancy with The University of Manchester.  “I was eager to continue working in a laboratory and was impressed with Peak Proteins when I came for interview.  They are a very friendly team and their expertise and experience will give me a great chance to learn a lot more about cell culture and recombinant protein expression”, commented Roisin.