Dr Mark Abbott, CEO of Peak Proteins, is travelling to India between the 24th and 25th of June to present a talk on “Mass Spectrometry is an Essential Tool to Understand Proteins; How to Make Them and Characterise Their Structures”.

A general introduction was given into the ways in which mass spectrometry is used on an almost daily basis to help solve problems in producing, understanding and using proteins. It’s not just an analytical tool at the end of a process. The two key methods are to determine the exact intact mass of the protein and to identify the protein from peptide mapping of enzyme digests of SDS-PAGE gels.

This was then illustrated with some examples. The first was the identification of a target protein in an impure mixture to ensure the correct protein was being purified. The second was to map disulphide bonds in a refolded protein in order to optimise a process to obtain the correct pattern. The third was to support a crystallography project that necessitated the detailed analysis of the intact mass of a number of mutants engineered to modify the N and O-linked glycans on the platelet receptor G6b. This resulted in the successful structural solution in complex with both ligand and a Fab fragment of an antibody.

Click on the link above to view a PDF of the slides.