“We have always used SPT Labtech* equipment, but it was time for an upgrade. We were very pleased to receive the new SPT Mosquito Xtal3 and a new Dragonfly Crystal for Christmas!”, commented Dr Tina Howard, Head of Protein Crystallisation at Peak Proteins.

“The Dragonfly makes preparing optimisation screens for crystallisation, incredibly straight forward, even using viscous PEG solutions. Narrowing down the exact composition of solutions to obtain the best crystals is often a vital part of the process to obtain high resolution protein structures using x-ray diffraction.

Automation saves time, improves reproducibility and enables us to easily produce and keep track of complex screen compositions.

In combination with the SPT Labtech Mosquito, we can make those precious microlitres of protein go further, screening many potential crystallisation environments.  Some proteins can be very challenging to produce in quantity, we need to ensure every last nanolitre is used in our experiments.  Often, they can be very tricky to crystallise, too. Robots allow us to carry out extensive screening and optimise experiments efficiently, meaning we can find the ideal conditions for crystallisation and our clients can get results, as quickly as possible.

There is always excitement in the lab when we get new equipment.  The new software might take a little getting used to, but we’re very happy with our upgrade and, within weeks, we have already obtained our first structures from experiments we set-up using this new system”, added Tina.


*TTP Labtech, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, announced its corporate name change to SPT Labtech effective from January 6, 2020. The change of name is a contractual requirement of its divestment from TTP Group in 2018 with the backing of technology-focused investment firm Battery Ventures.