Expression, Purification and Biotinylation of a Heterotrimeric Protein Complex2020-06-27T21:32:48+00:00
Preventing Protein Aggregation to Aid Crystallisation2020-01-28T16:55:29+00:00
Generation of a broad specificity nuclease by refolding of inclusion body expressed protein. Optimisation of downstream processes after cell lysis2020-04-07T16:37:28+00:00
Removing N-linked oligosaccharides to aid protein crystallisation2020-04-07T16:39:50+00:00
Time critical purification of multiple Fab constructs for assay2020-01-24T09:10:46+00:00
Adapting use of size exclusion chromatography to improve yields of an unstable, purified protein2019-07-22T09:42:48+00:00
Generation of a Nuclear Receptor Protein with known stability issues for SPR studies2019-10-31T15:48:50+00:00
Production and analysis of an extensively post-translationally modified secreted protein2019-07-22T09:43:14+00:00
Production of a post-translationally modified protein2019-07-22T09:43:26+00:00
Generation of a novel, secreted protein for structure determination2019-07-22T09:43:41+00:00