We provide intact protein and peptide mapping as a stand-alone service to anyone requiring detailed protein or antibody characterisation.  Key to this service is the flexibility and quick turnaround times we offer with no detailed contract set-up.

Understanding the quality and quantity of any protein sample is key to obtaining decision making data. As part of our protein analysis package for protein reagents, we routinely perform LCMS to fully understand the heterogeneity, molecular weight and any post-translational modifications (PTM) that may have occurred during expression.

All of the analysis is performed on a Sciex ExionLC coupled to a Sciex X500B QTOF mass spectrometer with Sciex OS and BioPharmaView Software.  Details of each service we provide are:

Intact protein molecular weight analysis (LCMS)

  • Accurate intact protein mass analysis up to 150KDa
  • Identification of post translational modification mass additions
  • Covalent compound analysis
  • A full results report is produced including all deconvoluted mass data

Peptide mapping and protein identification (LCMSMS)

  • Identification of single proteins or moderate complex mixtures
  • Sequence and PTM confirmation of bespoke recombinant proteins
  • Use of multiple proteases to maximise sequence coverage

A full results report is produced including all Mascot database matches for peptide mapping along with unique sequence confirmation using BioPharmaView software.


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