With a wealth of experience in the Drug Discovery environment, we are confident our team can fulfil your needs for any part of the Gene to Structure process. We tailor our professional services to fit your requirements, whatever stage you are at.  From construct design, through to expression and purification of your desired protein. Whatever your end use, assay, high throughput screening, biophysics or crystallisation and X-ray structure determination, we can supply your protein in a suitable format.

Peak Protein Services

We are a contract research organisation, part of  Sygnature Discovery; who provide custom-made, soluble and membrane proteins for use in drug discovery and research applications as well as X-ray, NMR and Cryo-EM structures of both novel and precedented proteins.

Protein Expression and Purification

Protein Expression and Protein Purification

We design, express, and purify customised soluble and membrane proteins reagents to support your research needs. We apply our expertise and knowledge to your protein of interest to provide an innovative, interactive, and flexible approach to every project.


Protein Mass Spectrometry

Protein Characterisation

We use various methods to characterise and quality control the proteins we make. We also offer some of these as standalone services to our clients, including intact protein mass spectrometry and peptide mapping, Flow induced dispersion analysis (Fida) and NMR.


Protein Crystallography and Structure Determination

Protein Structure Determination

Providing crystallography, Cryo-EM and NMR, our service isn’t just a final set of co-ordinates, but a detailed analysis of the 3D structure along with our learning and conclusions, driving ideas for project progression and drug design.

Every protein project is a puzzle waiting to be solved. Our team harnesses their collective, vast, and versatile expertise to address the intricate demands of our clients’ projects, from expression and purification to in-depth analysis. Our methods are tailored to suit the specific requirements of your application, whether it’s for drug discovery, structural studies, or fundamental research. We are happy to start anywhere in the process for protein expression, purification and analysis or more commonly can provide a whole package from start to finish.

Peak Proteins Location


Much of the work we do for our clients is to provide purified proteins and structural information to help support the desired end use whether that is for assay, high throughput screening, in vivo studies, biopharmaceutical projects, diagnostic applications, biophysics or fragment-based screening, amongst many, many others.

However, where we come into our own, is that we welcome challenging protein targets where we can truly leverage our extensive knowledge. We’ve successfully tackled requests for unprecedented membrane proteins, intrinsically disordered proteins, refolding from inclusion bodies, large protein complexes, and labelled proteins for NMR studies. If there is a way to solve a protein science problem, we are very likely to find it, and we’re here to guide and advise you every step of the way.